Form A/B Testing FAQs

We had a few questions come up during the creation and testing of this feature which we thought might be helpful for other users setting up A/B Testing on their forms.

Note: The A/B Testing Feature is available as part of the Conversion Kit Add-on on Pro plans and higher.


1. Do I need to modify my embed code to make use of an A/B test-enabled form?

No, you do not need to modify the embed code at all!  Form A/B Testing works by automatically displaying one of your form variations to your website visitors and keeping track of each of the versions’ results within the Formstack "A/B Testing" page.


2. What happens when my test ends? 

When your A/B test is completed (based on the finish date you define), we automatically select to display the original version (or A version) of your form until you select a winner from the "A/B Testing" page.


3. How much should I change from one variation to the other?

We recommend only changing a single item when you are A/B testing your forms.  This allows you to fully understand the impact that change has on your form’s conversion rates.


4. What are some examples of A/B test variations that I could use?

- Changing the color scheme of a form

- Reorganizing the order of the form fields

- The addition of a form field that helps provide context to the visitor

- The removal of a form field that might be causing bottlenecks

- Making the Submit button copy more specific


5. What is an appropriate length of time to run my A/B test?

This depends on your existing conversion rate, the variations you have included in the A/B test, and the number of people who interact with both variations. We recommend running your A/B tests for at least 2 weeks (or 100 submissions per variation) to ensure you are getting actionable insights.


6. What happens to the losing form’s data?

Once you select a winner from the "A/B Testing" page, you are given the opportunity to decide how the losing variant and submission data should be handled.  You can:

a. Save the losing variant and all of it’s submissions as a separate form

b. Delete the form variant and all of it’s data

c. Delete the form variant and download the submissions as a CSV, Excel, RTF, or PDF file


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