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Formstack forms can be added as sidebar widgets on your TypePad blogs, with the click of a button. To enable the TypePad widget, go to the Publish > Social Media tab inside your form and click on the "Install Widget on TypePad" button in the TypePad Widget section at the bottom.




This will redirect you to TypePad, where you will need to log in.



After you login in, you will be directed to a page to set up the Widget. You will see a preview of the form and will be prompted to check a box next to the name of the blog(s) you want to add your form to, even if you only have one blog. If you do not check a blog, the form will NOT be added to any blog when you click the "Add Widget" button. You can also customize the name of the Widget if you'd like (optional).


After doing these things, you can click the "Add Widget" button and the form will be added to the sidebar of your blog(s). The form will take up as much space along the side of the blog as necessary depending on the size of the form.








It is possible to make a form that is too wide for your sidebar.  To avoid this, edit the field widths of your fields to be as small as possible and don't use multi-column forms.

Also, the form will take on some of the style elements of your blog.  If you are using a theme on your Formstack form, you cannot pass on all of the style elements from that theme to your blog.  Header images, footer images, and background colors/images will not be passed on to your blog.  Font colors and sizes and any changes directly within the form border will be.

The Formstack TypePad widget is designed to go in your sidebar and inherit the styles set in your blog. This widget won't work if you're using Advanced Themes or Mixed Media Layouts on TypePad.

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