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Our newly added Analytics tab is a great tool for measuring Form usage.  With this data, you can predict the actions of those visiting your Form and improve the effectiveness of your Submitter responses.  The Analytics feature will automatically track Unique Views, Conversions, Conversion Rates, Abandonments and Abandonment Rates from those filling out your Form.  

Note: Form Analytics are not available on forms when embedding the full HTML of the form.


Accessing Analytics


To access the Analytics menu, navigate to your Form and click the "Analytics" tab.  Once you are in the Analytics menu, you can choose to view data from Today, the Past Week, Past Month or click the Custom option to create a specified Date Range.


Analytic Data

In your Analytics Report, you can review the following data points from the Form: 

Unique Views: This will help you recognize how many individuals have viewed Form.  This view count is the equivalent of "Visits" to your Form; for example, if one person viewed your Form 100 times during a single visit, then this would be 100 Views, but only one "Unique View".


Conversions and Conversion Rates:  This will report against how many individuals have successfully visited, filled out and submitted your Form.  In this case, Conversions is measuring the number of Visitors who have completed the entire process from start to finish and reporting against this completion rate.


Abandonments and Abandonment Rates: Here you can review the number of Visitors that have dropped off or abandoned the completion of the Form.  If your Abandonment Rate is very high then you may consider shortening your Form, adding multiple pages or adjusting the Form to make the process faster or simpler for you end users.  The Abandonment views can be a great friend in helping you improve your Form and the experience for your Users.


Field Bottlenecking



A Field Bottleneck refers to the field that stops a User from completing and submitting the Form. The User may fill out all fields on the Form, however, once they hit certain Fields, they may exit out of the Form without completing or submitting.  This includes when someone clicks "Save and Resume".


Bottlenecking is only recorded on Required fields that are causing users to leave the form before submitting.  In the example below, my report is showing the Form Field titled "Best time to contact you" has a high Bottlenecking rate.  If I notice my Abandonment Rates are high, then I might attribute this to the Bottlenecked Field and make adjustments to improve both the Abandonment and Bottleneck Rates.


Bottleneck Analytic Data is currently only accessible as part of the Conversion Kit Add-on on Accounts at the Starter plan or higher.




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