Form Portals

Form Portals allows users to bundle forms together and easily distribute them to a list of end users by email. Let's say your Human Resource team needs to send several forms to new employees, monitor progress towards completion, and send reminders to those who have not completed the forms. This will all be possible through Form Portals.


When users log in, they will have the option to select Form Portals on the top header. On this screen, click to 'Create Your First Form Portal' to begin grouping the forms together that you wish to share with your end users.

Note: It's also possible to copy an existing portal by selecting the Portal and clicking 'Copy Portal' at the top left of the page. 


For each Group, you can add an image, group name (required), and description. This will be seen by the end user when they open the Form Portal Group.


To add users, click on Add Participants on the left, and then begin typing emails in the User box separated by commas. Also, you can import a CSV file of emails or select to send the Group to all Formstack Usernames. If you forget to add a user, you will still have the option later.



To add your first form, select the name from the Form Link drop-down. You will then need to set the Display Name (required) that the end user will see within the Portal Group as well as a Description.


Next, there is the option to add a Deadline Frequency based on Daily (once a day, specified hour), Weekly (once a week, specified day), Monthly (1st, 15th, or end of the month), or Date. The Deadline Frequency will give the option to turn on an Email reminder that will send at the interval you choose before the deadline selected.



After saving the first form, you will return to Group settings where you can add as many forms as needed.



When the end user has been added to the group, they will receive the invite email like the one shown above.


After clicking on 'Get Started,' the end user will see a list of all the needed forms to fill out along with their Description and Deadline Frequency. When clicking on 'View form,' the form will appear ready to fill out. The Save and Resume feature will also work within the Portal.

Form Settings

Once an end-user fills out a form, the owner of the Portal will be able to see who has completed the form and when. For end users that did not complete the form, there is an option to send a reminder.


To add additional end users to the Portal, click on the plus sign in the top right corner. You can add as many end-users as you need. Also, end-users can be deleted. If a deleted end-user tries to access a form from the Portal they will receive an error.


External Portal Users

An External Portal User is a user a Portal has been shared with that does not have a Formstack Username. Each account has a limit on the number of External Portal Users. If you have reached your External Portal User limit, reach out to Support for more information on adding more.


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