Facebook Tab Embed

With Facebook Tab Embed, you can easily post your forms as tabs on your brand or organization's Facebook page! This method does not work with personal Facebook pages.


Note: This feature is only available for users on the Gold plan and higher. Upgrade now to start using this awesome feature!


First, head to the "Publish" tab, then click on "Social Media". You will see the "Facebook Tab Application" at the top of the page.

Next, click the "Authenticate your Facebook account" link. A popup window will appear asking you to sign in to Facebook.

Once you're logged in, you will be asked to choose which Facebook page to add your Formstack account.  Choose your desired page from the list, then click "Add Page Tab".


Formstack will now appear as a page on the left side of your Facebook page.



Click 'Settings'  to re-order the tab to change Formstack's position on your page. 


Select Templates and Tabs.



Find 'This Form' which is the Formstack app and click 'Edit Settings'.


Here, you can edit the Tab Name to something more specific like a call to action like "Contact Us!". You can also change the Tab icon to an image of your choice. Click 'Change' next to Custom Tab Image, then click 'Edit' on the image.

Click on the tab while you're logged in and you'll see a preview of how the form will look when someone clicks the tab.


Click "Settings" to unlink your Formstack account or change the linked form to another form in your Formstack account.


Here's an example of how the new tabs look:



Overall, this feature should help increase your submissions by making your forms available to a wider audience.


Good to Know

  • Facebook's iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, as well as the Facebook mobile site, do not display any custom tabs that pages may have on their page.
  • Facebook only allows for one tab through us, and a tab can only have one form on it.
  • Facebook will not support our embed unless the Page has over 2000 followers.



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