Reminder: Update your Forms to Version3

This is a reminder for those with Version2 Forms that this may be a good time to upgrade to Version3.  Updating is quick and easy and the Version3 platform offers styling updates and bug fixes which may prevent issues on your Form involving Themes, CSS, Conditional Logic, Calculations, and more.  


How do I know if my Forms are on the Version2 or Version3 platform? 

All Forms created after June 7th, 2012 will be in the new Version3 platform, Forms copied or created prior to this date may be on the Version2 platform, however, this can be confirmed by going into the Form > Publish tab > URL Links. If you see two URL links available for your Form, then the Form is Version2. If the Form only shows one URL link, then you have already been upgraded to Version3 and you should be all set! 

Example of a Version2 Form in the app: 



Example of a Version3 Form in the app:



How can I update to the Version3 platform?

Minor formatting changes may be seen between Version2 and Version3 Forms, therefore we recommend testing your Form before making the full upgrade.  You can test your Form in Version3 by adding "-v3" on the end of the publish link or changing the "v2" in the embed code to "v3".






To upgrade the Form to Version3, go into the Form > Share > URL Links and click the "If you like the new form, click here to make it the default" link. This will upgrade that Form to Version3 and any newly created Forms will be automatically formatted in Version3 as well. Other Forms on the Version2 format will not be switched to automatically, rather you will want to go into these Forms and update them to Version3 as well.

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