Using Mobile Forms

When you build a Formstack form, a mobile version of that form is automatically created.  This mobile version is optimized for phone usage and may strip out some of the styling seen on the web version of your form.  This is to make the form load quickly and correctly on mobile devices.

There is nothing you need to do to send users to the mobile version of your form.  If a user navigates to your form, Formstack will detect if they are using a mobile device or not.  If we detect a mobile device, the mobile version of your form will be displayed instead of the web version of the form.  The user does have the option of switching back to the web version of the form if they prefer, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the form. 

Web version of a basic contact form:




Mobile version of the same form:



Testing Your Mobile Form

If your form is still on the Version 2 platform, on the Share tab of your form, we give you a URL link to Version 3 Form which includes support for mobile device optimization.  

If your form is on the Version 3 platform, you will notice there is only one URL provided (as shown below). This is because the mobile optimization is built into the URL on v3 forms. 



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