Billing FAQS

This article is for issues around the Billing on your Formstack Account, if you need assistance with collecting payments on your form please search for the payment integration you are using for steps on how to address those issues.


Billing FAQs

How do I upgrade my account?

Information about upgrading your account can be found here.


Will I receive a credit or refund if I cancel/downgrade the account?

If you downgrade your account you will be given a credit that will apply to your future charges. Each billing cycle we will use what is on the account as a credit before we charge the card again. We do not issue refunds on canceled accounts. You will continue to have access to your account until the end of your billing cycle. If you have questions please submit a Support ticket.


If you are on annual pricing and cancel the account we do not refund the amount after the first 30 days. The reason for this is the annual pricing comes with a discount that is for committing to the service for a year. If you are unsure if you are going to be with us all year we recommend using a monthly billing option.


Change from Annual to Monthly Pricing

It is not possible to make this change through our plans page as it is other plan changes. In order to go from Annual to Monthly billing, you would need to contact the Formstack Support Team.


Change from Monthly to Annual Pricing

This change can be made by logging into your account as an admin. Once in the account go to the Profile in the upper right corner, followed by Billing. From there click on "Edit Payment Information". Once you do this there will be a button that states "Switch to Annual Pricing", click on this and it will bring up a page showing you how much you will pay for the first year of service and it will ask you to confirm. Once you confirm we will attempt to charge the card and switch the plan over.


Payment failed

If you are trying to make a payment to your account and you keep receiving an error message we suggest you reach out to Formstack Support and let us know what the error is you are seeing as well as the last 4 digits of the card you are trying to us to make the payment and we can review the issue and respond once we find out what is causing the problem.


How Do I Change My Billing Date

We do not normally change billing dates but we can do it for a client once a year if they need to change the date of their charge. To make this change please reach out to Formstack Support and we can assist you with this issue.


Do you offer a Non-Profit/Charity Discount

Yes, we do offer 25% off qualified Non-Profit organizations, these would be 501(c)3 organizations that are neither government or education based organizations. To apply for this discount please fill out this form. We do require a copy of your most recent 990 for USA based companies or proof of Charity status for other Countries.


After you fill out the form do not upgrade the account to a paid version until our support team contacts you letting you know if the discount was approved or denied. If approved we will add the discount to your account and then when you sign up for service the 25% off will come off at the time of payment.

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