Notifications Center

The Notifications Center provides you with a quick view of notices pertaining to potential issues on your account. The notices in this menu are sent via email, however, we also want to provide an in-app directory of notices relating to Billing Issues, Integration Failures, Form Comments, Submissions, Submission Comments and Notices from the Formstack Team.

Accessing the Notifications Center

To view your Notifications, click on the "Notifications" option in the upper-right corner of the page.  You may notice a number listed in a red circle above your Notifications; this refers to the number of new/unread Notifications on your account.  Clicking on "Notifications" will display a drop-down window listing the top Notifications by category.

Once a Notification has been acknowledged, you may clear it by mousing over the Notice and clicking the "Clear" option.  Clicking on the Notification will take you directly to the item where you can view the details and make any necessary changes.


 To view all Notifications simultaneously, click the "All notifications" link along the bottom of the drop-down window.  This will direct you to the Notification Center where you can view all Notifications or drill down to view by individual category (Billing, Integration Failures, Comments, Submissions, Submission Comments or New Features).  


Managing Your Notifications

When viewing your Notifications, you may choose to view all your Notifications or view by category.  Within each of the sub-menus, you can Filter the view to Read or Unread Notifications or view all Notifications in the category.

You can quickly mark your Notifications as "Read" by clicking the "mark all as read" button along the top of the page.  You can also update the status of a Notification by simply placing a check-mark to the left of the message.  If a message is currently marked as "Unread" and you place a check-mark next to it, then it automatically converts the message to "Read".  Alternatively, if you place a check-mark on any "Read" Notifications, the status is automatically updated to "Unread". 


Clicking on a Notification will take you directly to the item in question.  In the example below, I clicked on a Submission Notification and I was taken to the Form Submission to make edits or take necessary action.

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