Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication

Formstack supports Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication on Enterprise Plans. When enabled, this feature gives Formstack Account owners the ability to allow access to their Formstack account using an external authentication provider.

Please note:

  • We currently support multiple external authentication provider protocols, and the setup of these protocols can be very technical.


  • Be sure to thoroughly test your settings before confirming them. It’s also a good idea to provide an alternative login option until you have confirmed that these settings work as intended or as a back-up method.


Adding SSO to your Account

1. Logged in as the Admin User on your Account, navigate to your Account Profile page > Authentication.



Form this page, we allow multiple authentication providers on one account. This can be useful if you have multiple authentication sources or if you want to use multiple authentication provider settings on the same authentication provider. We will simply iterate through the available authentication provider until we've either checked them all, or we've successfully authenticated. Links to specific guides on how to set each of these up can be found below:


Authentication providers


Password Authentication Providers: LDAP and Active Directory

These type of authentication providers collect a username and password through the normal Formstack login page and then use that username and password to authenticate with some external authentication source. These provide the most similar experience to logging into Formstack normally.


Redirect Authentication Providers (SAML 2.0, CAS)

This type of authentication provider provides a button on the Login page that will redirect the user to a third-party website to login and authorize Formstack to access their account. Once the user has logged in and possibly authorized Formstack, they are redirected back to Formstack and logged into their account.


 Adding Users

Next, add users in Formstack by clicking on your Account Profile page > Users & Groups.  Next, click on "Users" and "Add Users". 

Your users (already set in Formstack) can now log in at your domain's login page with their SSO username and password: https://{yoursubdomain}



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