Shared Accounts

What are Shared Accounts?  Generally speaking, just that -- A Username & Password that is shared with more than one person.

Currently, there is no limit to how many people can log in with the same Username & Password at the same time. If multiple individuals login simultaneously under the same Username & Password, each User will still be able to continue their session. However, for security purposes, they will be notified with an in-app banner that others are logged in or attempting to log in with the same Username & Password (as shown below).


 We want to ensure all Users, Accounts, and Forms are kept as secure as possible. So if you're sharing an account with someone, make sure to change your password often and never share your login information with anyone else besides those whom you're sharing the Account with. If your Account is compromised, change your password immediately. 

Please reach out to Support if you have any questions or concerns on Shared Account handling.

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