SMTP Integration for HIPAA accounts

With HIPAA accounts using your SMTP server, you can send ePHI data through Notification emails to users on your Formstack account. This way you can easily and securely pass patient data between users. Under current HIPAA accounts, sending Notification Emails are limited to only sending a link to the submission data. When integrating your account with your SMTP server, you will now be able to send "All Submitted Data" and Custom Messages that include field variables populated with data.


If you are interested in a HIPAA account and the HIPAA SMTP integration, please contact us at


For details on setting up the SMTP integration, click here



The SMTP integration will allow you to use "All Submitted Data" or Custom Messages. Form fields can be added to the message and the subject line.



When the SMTP Integration is turned off, you will be limited to "Link to Submitted Data" or custom message with no form fields.


To learn more about HIPAA accounts, click here. Also, email to see how you can make your account and Notification Emails HIPAA Compliant.



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