Managing In-Progress Workflows


Re-Sending Workflow Assignment Emails 

To resend assignment emails, access your Workflows submissions and select the "In-Progress Workflows" tab. From there, select multiple In-Progress Workflows then click the "Resend Assignment Email" button (as shown below).




Or, you can also click on the individual submission and resend the assignment email from that particular submission's page.



Note: You must be an account Admin user or have permissions to "View & Edit" the specific Workflow form where you'd like to resend the assignment email from.


Reassigning Workflow Steps


It's also now possible to reassign a Workflow step if the currently assigned user is unable to complete the step or is no longer the needed user for that specific step. You can do this from the In-Progress Workflows section of the Submissions tab and can be done in bulk or one submission  at a time. Just click the checkbox next to the submission(s) that need to have the current step reassigned and click the 'Edit Assigned Participant' option on the toolbar.


One the window that pops up, you can choose from the existing users on your account to which you'd like to reassign the current step of the Workflow.  


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