Smartsheet Integration

If you use Smartsheet to automate projects, enhance portfolio reporting, or just to manage change, you'll be happy to know that your Formstack forms can now pass information directly to your Sheets in real time.




To integrate your form with Smartsheet, click on Settings > Integrations > Type Smartsheet in the search field and then click the "Add" button next to Smartsheet.


This will add a Smartsheet tab below the Integrations Hub tab and you will see the option to edit its settings by clicking on the blue "Settings" text on your recently added integration.


To connect your Smartsheet account with Formstack, simply select the blue login button and follow the prompts to log into Smartsheet. If you've previously set up the Smartsheet integration in your Formstack account, you will see the option to select from previously stored authentication credentials (as shown below).


NOTE: If you share or copy a form containing the Smartsheet integration, the person you're sharing it to won't be able to log in using a different account. To avoid unauthorized use of your Smartsheet account, please make sure that you don't include the integration settings when sharing or copying a form with a Smartsheet integration enabled.



Once you've logged in, you'll see a section containing the folder tree. This is where the folders in your Smartsheet account will be located.



To select the sheet you want to associate with your Formstack form, expand the folder tree until you locate the folder containing that sheet. After that, click the drop-down menu and select the sheet.


NOTE: You can only expand up to 7 folders in the folder tree. If the sheet you want to use is located past the 7th folder, please log into your Smartsheet Account and move the sheet to a different folder.


Once you've made your selection, click the "Edit Field Mapping" button.You will then be redirected to a page that looks a lot like the notifications settings page. This is where you will map the fields from your Formstack form into your selected Smartsheet.



Much like everything else in your Formstack account, mapping your sheet is as easy as dragging and dropping your Form Fields into the corresponding column in your Smartsheet.


NOTE: Please check your Smartsheet settings and make sure that the column type restriction matches the exact type of data you're transferring from your Formstack form. For example, if you're transferring information from the phone number field, the column type that data is going to needs to be set to "Text/Number."


Once you've finished mapping your sheet, click the "Save Smartsheet Settings" button to save your settings. Don't forget to turn ON your new Smartsheet integration before exiting out of the Settings tab.




NOTE: You will have the option to turn ON your Smartsheet integration even if you haven't mapped any fields from your Formstack form. However, doing so will result in a submission error. To get rid of the error, map the necessary field(s) and rerun the integration.


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