Deleting Submissions

Each form on your account has a limit to how many submissions it can store at one time. This limit varies based on your plan type. If you are getting near your limit, deleting submissions can free up space so you can continue to collect submissions. You can delete all submissions in the submission table at once or a few at a time.



To delete all submissions click 'Delete All' in the top right-hand corner of the table. Then, confirm you would like to delete all the submissions in the table.


To delete a select few submissions, check off the box next to the submission, then click the red 'Delete' button just above the submissions and confirm the action.


Note: If you accidentally delete a submission please contact Support. Submissions are soft-deleted for 7 days and, during that time period, it is possible to recover the data. After the 7-day period, however, the data is hard-deleted from our servers and cannot be recovered.

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