Importing Data from CSV

If you have data in a CSV file, either exported from Formstack or from another source, you can import that data into your Formstack form database.


 First, go to the Submissions tab of your form and then click on the "Import data" button under the different tabs for submissions.


After you click on the Import data icon, you will be prompted to upload your CSV file. You can choose to browse for the CSV file on your hard drive or drag the CVS file over to the area indicated on the screen.  Only CSV files will work.

Once you have added the file, you will be prompted to map the columns from your CSV to the corresponding fields on your form and click Save Import. Your data will then be imported into the mapped columns in the Formstack submission database. Each submission will have the same Submission Date and Time.


NOTE: Importing submissions via .csv is not available on Workflow forms



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