Managing Submissions

Whenever someone submits a form, a submission is captured with that data and stored within the form's database. To view the collected data for your form, click on the Submissions tab. In this menu, you can view, filter, export, or delete your submissions.



Submissions that are bold represent your new (or "unread") submissions. Submissions highlighted in red represent submissions with failed integrations.


When viewing your submissions, you can choose what data is displayed on the main Submissions page by clicking on the "Table Settings" option in the top right of your Submissions table. Click and drag the fields between the two the columns to decide which fields you would like displayed in your Submissions table.


Favorites & Read/Unread Submissions

Clicking the yellow star icon next to a submission will add that submission to your "Favorites" list. You can also place a checkmark next to a grouping of submissions and simultaneously mark them all as favorites, read, or unread by choosing this option from the 'Mark As' drop down menu just above the submission columns.


A few other tips:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately we currently do not provide the ability to sort submissions from the Submissions page. To work around this limitation, we recommend exporting your submissions and sorting them within Excel. If this is a feature you would like to request, please add your vote to the idea on our Ideas Board. (Note: You must be a Formstack user to vote on Ideas.)
  • If you would like to see your submissions via email instead of needing to log into your account to view them, set up a Notification Email to send new data via email after it is submitted.
  • If you need to filter certain responses or fields from your submissions, check out our support doc on how to create a report within your Submissions tab.


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