Discount Codes

The Discount Code plugin is for those who would like to add a coupon code to their Formstack order forms.  Before adding this plugin, you will need a Short Answer field on your form to use as your coupon code field and a Number field on your form used to calculate your Total. To add these fields to your form, click on the field on the left Form Builder Toolbar and drag it over to the appropriate spot on your form.




To add the plugin, click on Settings > Plugins and then click the Add button next to Discount Codes.




Click 'Settings' next to the plugin and you'll be directed to the Discount Code plugin settings page where you can map your Discount Code and Total fields and set your Discount codes.



These codes are CASE-SENSITIVE. To avoid confusion, it might be a good idea to add both the lower and uppercase versions of the code. Also, make sure you don't accidentally add any extra spaces, which would also be included.


You can choose to set the code to take a percent (%) or flat dollar amount (- -) off.



Optionally, you may also enter an Expiration Date and the number of times the Code may be used.  The "Expires On" option will allow you to set a Date at which time the individual Discount Code will expire and will on longer be active for discount deductions.  The "Uses Left" setting will allow you to limit the number of times this Code can be used by your Submitters before the code becomes inactive. If you leave these blank the codes will be able to be used unlimited times until you remove them from the list.


You can set multiple codes that give different percentages or flat rates off of your total so that you can give different codes to different users. To add multiple codes, simply click the green plus symbol. As you add the codes, they will automatically save. When editing a discount code, make sure you hit the enter key to trigger the save action.


Note: At this time, there is no way to bulk upload discount codes.


When your users fill out your form, they can type their Discount Code into the Short Answer field you created for that purpose and click "Apply Discount".  When typed correctly, the discount will be applied, your total will change, and text will appear below the Total field indicating the discount.




If you want to remove the Discount Code plugin, go to Settings > Plugins and click "Remove" or switch the plugin to 'OFF'.




Alternatively, click the red minus symbol next to the Discount Code plugin when on the main form Plugins page.






  • If you don't map the required fields in the Discount Code plugin, you will not be able to turn the integration to 'ON'.
  • Codes are case-sensitive.
  • Make sure you don't accidentally add an unintentional space to the end of your code. If you do, this WILL be required when the code is submitted.
  • If you would like to limit a code to only one use, you must set the Discount Code field on your form to "unique" - which can be done in that field's editor screen.
  • You must use payment gateways in "Single Item" mode and have them set to send the "Total" over in order for the Discounted price to be sent to the payment gateway.
  • Discount codes cannot be uploaded in bulk at this time.
  • If offering multiple discount codes and a user stacks discount codes, each subsequent discount code will be applied to the subtotal after the preceding discount code is applied. For example, if the initial subtotal is $100 and a 20% discount is applied, the subtotal is then $80. If another discount code of 10% is applied, it will take 10% off of $80, leaving a total of $72.



-20 (DISC02 20%)
$ 80
- 8 (DISC01 10%)
$72 Total after discount

- 20 (DISC02 20%)
- 10 (DISC01 10%)
$ 70 Total after discount


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