Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Formerly ExactTarget): Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced when integration Formstack and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget.) Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action to resolve them. Some errors may be dependent on your form and Salesforce Marketing Cloud settings, so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


ExactTarget error: Login failed

This error suggests the password or API username are incorrect. Double check the API Username and Password to ensure it has been typed correctly or is not using a different version. Sometimes, autofill on browsers can cause issues, so we suggest trying multiple browsers to ensure this is not the issue.


ExactTarget error: Authorization Failed

This error is stating that the user does not have permissions to use the Web Service API. If you are absolutely certain that this user has the correct permissions, try checking with Marketing Cloud's support to make sure there is not an issue with the permissions for the user on Marketing Cloud's side.


ExactTarget error: Exception occurred during [CreateSubscriber] ErrorID: 1554824749

This error can mean a number of things, such as a possibility that the data for a particular field is too long, or a Text field has been matched to a Number field. You will want to reach out to Marketing Cloud's Support to see if they can provide additional information regarding the error.


ExactTarget error: TriggeredSpamFilter

This means a particular submission triggered the spam filters within your Marketing Cloud account. We recommend reaching out to Marketing Cloud to see if they can identify a particular reason the information in that submission triggered that filter and how you can resolve the issue.





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