Zendesk: Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced when integrating Formstack Forms and Zendesk. Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action to resolve them. Some errors are dependent on your Form and Zendesk, so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


1. There was an error getting your Zendesk ticket fields. Status code: 400. Status message: Bad Request.​​

  • The required fields for the Integration are not mapped in Settings > Zendesk.  This would include Name, Email, and Comment.

  • The Zendesk ticket has been updated and the integration will need to be updated as well.  This can be done in Settings > Zendesk by clicking the green refresh arrows next to Ticket Information.

  • When refreshing the Zendesk Ticket Information and you receive another Status code: 400 error, this means the Subdomain, Email, or Password are incorrect or that you aren't using Admin credentials.

  • Confirm that "Password Access" is enabled for your ZenDesk API / Channel settings within your ZenDesk account. If it's set to 'No' then that may be the cause of the issue.


​2. Zendesk: {"error":"Couldn't authenticate you"}

  • This means the Subdomain, Email or Password are incorrect in Settings > Zendesk.  Double check and confirm the login information and try again.​ You must use Admin credentials.

Here is a list of common questions regarding the Zendesk integration:

  • Can I create multiple tickets through the integration?
    • With ZenDesk integration, only a single ticket can be created per form submission and if multiple tickets are needed, the form would need to be filled out more than once. 
  • Can I map more than one field to the Description?
    • No, the Description can only be mapped to one field.  However, the Comment field can be switched to a Value where you can insert multiple fields and additional text.



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