Formstack Integrations by Zapier

Is the application you want to integrate with Formstack not showing in the Integration Hub? You may be able to use Zapier to connect your Formstack form to the applications you need.


Zapier connects your forms to over 650 popular apps so you never have to export your form responses again.

Just like your forms, connections called Zaps are set up in minutes, with no coding needed. From then on, you can say goodbye to copy/pasting and manual entry: Whenever you receive a new form submission, Zapier will automatically send the information to every other app you've connected, whether it's a database, mailing list, or chat app.

Capture new subscribers for your newsletter when someone fills out your form, auto-reply with personalized emails, get text message alerts, all done automatically, every time. Whether you're a marketer trying to grow your audience, an event planner putting together a conference, or a business-owner sending out customer surveys, Zapier's automation saves you time and effort you can reapply to your bottom line.


Get Started Immediately With These Popular Use-cases

CRM, Sales, and Lead Conversion

Turn Formstack submissions into Agile CRM Contacts.

Create Insightly contacts from new Formstack submissions


Email Marketing and Outreach

Add ActiveCampaign contacts after a New Formstack submission

Create and update Hatchbuck contacts from Formstack submissions


Records and Archival 

Add New Formstack Submissions to Quickbooks Online as Customers

Create Xero invoices from new form Submissions

Archive new Formstack submissions as new MySQL rows


Notifications and Responses

Get Slack notifications from new Formstack Submissions

Send Formstack submission alerts through Twilio SMS messages


Tasking and Other Processes

Send new Formstack submissions to TeamWork as new tasks

Create Yumpu documents from new Formstack submissions



Setup Instructions

You can start creating your first Zap from Formstack by clicking "New Zap" in Zapier. Then in the "'Choose a Trigger App" you can search for Formstack.



Next, you can choose the trigger you want. The trigger is going to be what action in Formstack is going to cause the action in the second application you choose. The most commonly used option is New Submission. This means that you are setting up your Zap to send when a new Submission is made. 



Once you click "Save + Continue" you will see an account screen. The first time you connect to your Formstack account, you'll need to authenticate it, but don't worry you'll only have to do it once. After you complete the authentication steps, you'll be able to select your existing Formstack account here with any new Zap you create. (If you don't want to create a Zap right away, you can also authenticate your Formstack app without creating a Zap by going to your Profile > Connected Accounts and searching for Formstack there).


If you don't already have a Formstack account listed you can click "Connect A New Account". Once you click this you should see a popup asking you to log-in to authorize the connection between Formstack and Zapier.



Once you click Authorize it will take you back to the Account screen and you will see the new account. If you would like, you can also name the account by clicking the pen icon next to the account name. Once you are done editing the name you can click "Save + Continue".


Once you click "Save + Continue" you will be able to choose the form you want to trigger the Zap. Once you have chosen your form you will be able to send a Test submission and continue on to adding the second application. Make sure to open your Formstack form to complete this test submission. Otherwise, you can actually skip the step in Zapier.




• If you're receiving some but not all submission data to Zapier, check your form for identical field labels. When your form has two fields with the same label, Zapier cannot differentiate between the two when the data is sent.

• The 410 HTTP status error code means the target resource (Zapier Zap URL) is no longer available. Try first removing the failing webhooks in Formstack. [Settings > Emails & Actions > Advanced Settings] Then go into Zapier and turn Off/On each of the Zaps connected to this Form. This will re-establish all the webhooks created in the form settings and you'll be able to rerun any failed submissions to Zapier.


Need Help?

If you have any questions relating to Zapier, reach out to them via this form, or email directly.


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