Commonly Returned Errors

Below is a list of common errors experienced between Formstack Forms and the integration.  Here you can reference frequently encountered errors and the suggested corrective action.  Some errors are dependent on your form so additional troubleshooting may be necessary.


1.  Error processing Payment : XXXXXXX is required. Authorize.Net error code : 33

  • In the Integration, make sure all required fields are mapped to a field in your form.  The required fields are API Login ID, API Transaction Key, Price, Card Number, and Expiration Date.
  • The field is set as required in the Merchant Interface but is not mapped in the Integration.  This would usually occur for the Address, Phone, Fax, and Email field.  If you don't want to map the field, you will need to remove the required feature within the Interface.
  • If you are using a field to select the Payment Method, such as Check, Invoice, Cash, and Credit Card, in your form, you will need to add Routing Logic to the redirect located in Settings > Emails & Redirects. The Routing Logic will be similar to "Payment Method is Credit Card." This will allow the integration to only run when Credit Card is selected.


2. The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder. Authorize.Net error code: 27

  • The Billing Address is set as required in but the fields are not mapped within Formstack.  The Address, City, State, and Zip will need to be mapped.  Also, if you are using a Shipping Address and Billing Address in the form, make sure the Billing Address is mapped in the Integration.
  • If the address is rejected by A.Net due to it not being entered correctly, then we’re unfortunately not able to prevent or correct that through the Form.


3. Error processing payment : This transaction cannot be accepted. Authorize.Net error code : 103

  • The API Transaction Key is incorrect in the integration.  To find the API Transaction Key, log into your Authorize.Net account, click on Support and then click on Account > Settings > Security Settings > API Login ID and Transaction Key.

4. Error: "An amount greater than $0 is required by"

  • The total sent to must be greater than $0. To allow the form to submit even when the total is $0 add routing logic to your submit action that says to submit to when the total is greater than 0. You can access your Auth.Net submit action by clicking on 'Settings' > 'Emails & Redirects' > scroll down to 'Advanced Settings' and click to expand the section. Find the submit action and click 'Logic'. Then, set the rule up that looks something like this:


Finally, Click 'Save' to save the logic rule. Now, only submissions where the Total amount is greater than 0 will be sent to Authorize.Net while all others will not trigger the integration.


Note: The total field must be a number field for this to work.



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