Salesforce: Mapping Contacts or Leads to Campaigns

Data collected on your Forms may be used to automatically create Contacts and/or Leads and link these to new or existing Campaigns in your Salesforce account.  Campaigns typically target existing Contacts and/or prospective Leads in SalesForce. Both Contacts and Leads can be associated with your Campaigns as "Campaign Members".  Here we'll show you how to set up the relationship between the Form and SalesForce to get your Contact and/or Lead Objects into Campaigns.


Step 1.  After adding the Salesforce integration to the Form, scroll down to the Objects heading and add your Contact and/or Lead to the Form as well as a CampaignMember Object from the "Select Object" drop-down menu.


Step 2.  For attaching Contacts/Leads to existing Campaigns in SalesForce you will need to link the Contact or Lead through the Contact/Lead ID on the Campaign Member. Then, using "Value" on the Campaign ID, type, and pre-fill the existing Campaign's ID. 


Step 3.  If you are linking a new Contact/Lead that does not yet have a Member ID, then we offer a Link option that allows you to associate the Campaign Member you're about to create with the Contact/Lead you're about to create.  Instead of choosing "Field", select "Link" and we will take care of the rest!


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