Box is a service that lets you bring together your photos, docs, and videos and share them securely and easily. You do not need a paid Box account to integrate Box with your form, rather you can use their free plan.  Integrating Box on your Form will allow uploaded files to be sent directly to your Box account when the form is submitted.

To integrate Box with your Form, go into the Form > Settings > Integrations > Documents > Click “Add” next to Box. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to easily find it. Once the integration is added, click on Settings or Box on the left-hand side to insert credentials.

Click to log into and you will prompted to log into your Box account, or create a new account if one does not already exist.  You will then need to allow Formstack uploads to access your Box account by granting access.

After granting access, you will be directed back to the integration settings page. Here you will map fields from your Form and fill out the required fields with a red asterisk - these fields are required and MUST have an input.

You will also need to choose a “Folder/File Path”. You can select an existing folder from your Box account or choose to create a new folder. If you choose to add to an existing folder and it is not showing in the File Path list, click to Refresh your lists.


Set permissions to determine which Formstack groups can access the uploaded files and set the link type.

The Link Options determine which link is saved in the Formstack database. "Direct Download Link" means clicking on the URL in the database will take you straight to the file (if it's a picture, it'll display in the browser; if it's a file it will download to your device). "Share Link" uses the Box preview/share page to view the file/image. When Formstack chooses, we check the permissions of the file; if the permissions say the file can be downloaded, we provide the download link, otherwise we provide the shared link.


The "Direct Links" function is currently only available on paid accounts.  When using the "Use the Direct Link" option in the integration settings, you must be under a paid account or the links will not work.


In the integration settings, you can also add a "File Prefix"  or "Description" and include variables that will pull submitted form data into the file name. To add a variable, simply click on the variables after “Insert Fields” and they will automatically populate. When the form data is submitted, the data will be merged into this space.



Error Handling

If you would like to receive an email when the integration fails, you can add your email address in the “Email on Failure” box.  You may add as many email addresses as you'd like and remove them at any time. 




  • You must have available storage in your Box account in order for the files to be successfully transferred.
  • In general, you are able to upload a maximum of 25MB of data per form and a maximum of 20 file upload fields to Box from a form.
  • You can bypass our storage limit when you integrate Box because the files are stored in that app, not Formstack, with an access link still available in each submission.  The file transfer limit of 25MB will still apply when uploading a file to Box.
  • The intended functionality of the Box integration is that uploaded files (via the File Upload field on your form) are sent to Box upon submission, not the actual submitted form data - that is stored in your Formstack database.
  • Some options shown in the integration settings are available for V2 of the Box API only. If you don’t see the same settings in your integration settings, you will need to remove and re-add the integration.
  • If you are using Direct Links but not seeing images in your submissions, you'll want to confirm that you are on a paid Box.Net account as Box only supports the use of Direct Links on the paid versions of their accounts.


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