Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Formerly ExactTarget)

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration allows you to collect user data through a Form and pass this data along to add subscribers to your Marketing Cloud lists.  If a subscriber already exists on your list, their info will be updated rather than adding a duplicate. 

To add the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration to your form, go into the Form > Settings > Integrations > Email > click the "Add" button for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The Integration will be added to the "Integrations on this Form" and by clicking Settings you will be able to add your integration credentials. This integration supports all versions of Salesforce Marketing Cloud through S12.




Once the integration has been added, enter your Instance, API Username and Password and click Continue. To setup the integration, you will need to know what instance your Account is on in order to properly access the Salesforce Marketing Cloud features. To determine what Instance your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account is on, log in to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud application > View the URL in your browser window. 

The attributes from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account will display on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration page and you can match these with the proper fields from your form using the drop-down lists.  For most people, the required Subscriber Key field should be mapped to the Email address field on your form.


During the integration setup, you may also choose which list(s) to add your subscribers to and which triggered emails, if any, you would like to send out.



Re-Running the Integration

 If an integration fails upon submission, check your integration settings for errors in API or login credentials or in the mapping of form fields. Then, click on a submission in your database. You will see ‘Integration Status’ on the left side of the submission. Click "Run Again". The integration will begin running. If it is successful, a green "Success" message will appear. If it is not, a red "Failed” message will be shown. If this happens, go back to your integration settings and check for other errors in setup.


Note: The Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration does not currently support triggering data extensions.


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