FirstData Integration

FirstData is one of our available payment processor integrations. You can add the FirstData integration to your form to securely process one-time credit card transactions directly on your form at the time of submission. Note: This integration is not compatible with Payeezy or Global Gateway E4.

To add the First Data payment integration to your Form, go into the Settings > Integration > Payments tab and click the "Add" button next to FirstData. You can use the Search Bar to quickly find it. This will add a tab under the Integrations where your credentials can be added.

After the integration has been selected, you will immediately be directed to the integration settings page to enter your Store Number and your Certificate File (PEM).  



The Certificate/PEM file can be found inside your FirstData account. To find your Certificate File, log into First Data > Click on Support and then choose Download Center from the left menu.  Under the "Store PEM File", click the "Download Now" link and your file will automatically start downloading.



When using the FirstData payment integration, your Form MUST have a Credit Card field in addition to at least one Price/Total field. This is because the credit card information is securely collected on the form and processed at the time of submission by FirstData, as mentioned above. You can use our default Credit Card field to collect the Credit Card Number and the Expiration Date. Then, just map the "Credit Card" field from your form to the corresponding fields in the FirstData integration settings.


The other fields you see in the integration settings, including the Customer Information fields, are optional. If mapped, we will pass that data over to FirstData as well and it will be stored in the transaction information.


Mapping to Multiple Items vs. Single Item

Rather than mapping to a single item or price/total field, you can set your form up to pass info for multiple items to FirstData. You must have a separate price field for each item on the form. For example, this can be a Dropdown/Checkbox field with only ONE option and ONE value.

Also, mapping the Quantity field in the Transaction Information is optional and will default as "1" if left set to --Quantity Field-- or blank.




Submit Action

Under Settings > Emails & Action > Advance Settings, a Submit Action will be added automatically to "Submit to First Data."  You can add Data Routing to this Submit Action if you only want to send to certain transactions to FirstData.  For example, you can add a "Payment Type" radio button to the Form asking the end users if they would like to pay by "Credit Card" or "Check".  Based on this field and based on the end user's answer, you can route only the pay by "Credit Card" users to FirstData by adding Data Routing


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