Formstack is excited to now bring you an integration with XVerify!

XVerifty is an email verification company. Their integration will now allow you to validate and verify emails as a user enters them on your form.

To integrate with XVerify, in addition to your Formstack account you will also need to have an Xverify account.  



To add XVerify to your account, you will need to open your form in the builder and add an embed code field to your form.  

Next, you will need to login to your Xverify Account.  You will need to find the code to paste into your form's embed code field.  


Once logged into your account you will need to navigate to 'My Account', you will need to download your script

The code provided will need a slight modification. By default the code references email: {field: ‘xverify_email’} but to work with Formstack we will need to change that to say email: { field: ‘fsFormatEmail’ } 




Once you have  done that paste your code into Formstack embed code area.*(Note this code shown is for email verification only additional verification options at the end of the document)


Once you have added the embed code, you will want to view your live form, from there in the web address bar, you will need to identify the subdomain your form is hosted on and add it as a trusted domain inside of Xverify. *Note your domain will be different than the image above.

Next, go into your XVerify account and click on “My Account”.  In the area for “Trusted Domains” add the full subdomain and save your changes.  Now your form should be ready to go!



Additional Verification Options:  


phone: { field : ‘fsFormatPhoneUs’ } 


address : { street_field : ‘fsFieldAddress’

street_field_2 : ‘fsFieldAddress2’

zip_field : ‘fsFieldZip’ }


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