Google Sheets

If you're using Google Sheets to share data or collaborate, you'll be happy to know that your Formstack forms can pass info directly to your Sheets in real time.



To integrate your form with Google Sheets, click on Settings > Integration > Documents and then click the "Add" button next to Google Docs.  This will add a Google Sheets tab below the Integration Hub tab and you will be immediately redirected to login to your Google Docs app.



This will open a new window for your Google Account, which requires you to choose the account you want to grant access to and then click on the Allow button.



Once you've granted access to Formstack, you will be redirected back to the integration settings where you can choose the Sheet and worksheet in Google Sheets that you are wanting to populate.  At this point, you can map each field on your form to a field on your sheet and switch the integration to "on" (top right corner of the settings).




You have to create the sheet and fields on your sheet across the top row first before they will show in Formstack - make sure the field names are the same as the field labels on your form. If you make any changes to the sheet in Google, you must refresh the sheets in the Formstack integration settings via the green refresh arrows as shown above to resync the sheet with your form.


Re-Running the Integration

If an integration fails upon submission, check your integration settings for errors in API or login credentials or in the mapping of form fields. Then, click on a submission in your database. You will see ‘Integration Status’ on the left side of the submission. Click "Run Again". The integration will begin running. If it is successful, a green "Success" message will appear. If it is not, a red "Failed” message will be shown. If this happens, go back to your integration settings and check for other errors in setup.




  • Google Accounts is not set up to manage large numbers of tokens, and, in fact, does not allow more than 25 valid tokens (per user, per web application) to be outstanding at any one time. This means that a unique username/password combination can only be used in 25 total instances, which includes Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar.
  • You can revoke access to your Google Account by going to My Account > Personal Settings > Security > Change authorized websites.
  • If you get a blank white screen when you submit a form with a Google Sheets integration, the integration is timing out.  This happens with large sheets.  The way to fix this would be to integrate the form with a new, blank sheet.
  • You cannot have more than one instance of the integration at a time and cannot map to more than one sheet in a single form.
  • Records will always be added to the next available, blank row in your sheet.
  • Receiving Error 400 when specifying your worksheet?  Make sure your worksheet is not empty.  Each column of row 1 needs to have a header label.  


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