Chargify is an easy way to start collecting subscription credit card payments from your customers. You can use Formstack to collect customer credit card information and immediately trigger a subscription within Chargify upon submission of the form.


Creating Your Products in Chargify

First, you'll need to create your products within Chargify. Each Product in your Chargify account will have an API handle, which you set when you create your product (or Chargify will create one for you automatically if you don't set it yourself).  You can find this on each Product Details page.



Setting Up Your Form & Adding Your Products to Your Form

The required fields in order to use the Chargify integration are Product, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, First Name, Last Name, and Email. Those fields are required by Chargify, so you will need to create those fields on your form in Formstack and map them to those fields in the Chargify integration settings.

When creating your Product field in Formstack, you don't need to add the actual price of each product, as you will have already set the prices for your product inside of Chargify. For this field, you can use a Dropdown List, Radio Button, or Checkbox field. Inside the field editor, you can just check to "use separate values" to associate your Product's API handle with the Product name you have assigned on your Formstack form.



Adding the Chargify Integration to Your Form 

After you have added all the required fields to your form, you can add the integration. To add the Chargify integration to your form, go to the Settings > Integration  > Payments in your form and click "Add" next to the Chargify integration. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to easily locate it.


You will need to type in the Subdomain and API Key of your Chargify account into the integration settings in Formstack. You can find your API Key inside of Chargify by choosing "API Access" from the drop-down menu next to the Home button at the top of the screen.



If you already have a form using the Chargify Integration you will be given the option to copy the Authentication Credentials from another form.


After you sync your Chargify account, you will need to map the fields on your form to the appropriate fields in the Chargify integration settings. There are other (optional) fields that you can map as well, including a Coupon Code.


Once all required fields are mapped to fields on the form the integration will turn On. You can also manually turn the integration off in the "Run Mode" area of the integration. Remove the integration by clicking "Remove" above the integration settings.


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