To add the integration go to your form > Settings > Integration > Payments and click "Add" next to the icon. Additionally, you can use the Search Bar to easily find it. Once added, click on Settings by the added integration or click on on the left.

If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up for one here first. After you add the integration, an tab should appear below the Integration Hub tab and the settings should appear.


You will need to enter your API Login ID and API Transaction Key.  To find these, log into your Authorize.Net account, click on Support and then click on Account > Settings > Security Settings > API Login ID and Transaction Key.




Mapping Form Fields to the Integration Settings

Since is an on-form payment processor, you must have a credit card field and an expiration date field on your form to submit to You will also need at least one field that contains a price value.


Once you have those fields on the form you can map them using the ---Price field-- and --Quantity Field--- drop-down options in the integration.


There's plenty of optional data you can pass on to Authorize.Net as well, such as shipping, tax, card verification code, and customer information.



Recurring Payments allows for single payments or Subscription (recurring) payments (Authorize.Net ARB Service sign up required). You will need to decide how often the customer is charged (Billing Cycle) and how many times (Total Occurrences).


Note: Recurring Payments do not happen in real time. They are processed at around 2:00AM PST on their scheduled payment dates. Therefore the first scheduled transaction will not be sent to the customer's bank for authorization until 2:00AM PST on the start date that you specified. If you create a start date equal to the creation date, the first scheduled payment will not process until after 2:00AM the following day.



Authorize Credit Cards for Payment at a Later Date

You can now have users enter their credit card information and have them authorize their payment for processing at a later date. The credit card information entered into the form will go to your account where you will be able to charge the submitter's card when ready.



In Authorize, the staus will appear as "Authorized/ Pending Capture."



Handling Multiple Items

You can also set your form up to pass info for multiple items to Authorize.Net instead of a single item. If you choose to map to multiple items, each item with a price needs to be in its own separate field with its own quantity field if that is applicable.


When setting up your integration, change the "Item list " to "Multiple Items" then add an item for each product you're selling on your form. Map the individual price fields and (if applicable) the associated quantity fields. If you don't map a quantity field it will default to "1". 

The integration will do the math for you behind the scenes: (Item 1 Price x Item 1 Quantity) + (Item 2 Price x Item 2 Quantity) and so on...

Note: You must have at least one price field mapped in order for the integration to turn on.



After you have your mapping in place, you'll also need to adjust your security settings since you are accepting payment information on the form. SSL must be enabled under Settings > Security.


Submit Action

Under the Settings > Emails & Redirects tab in the After the Form is Submitted section, a Submit Action will automatically be created to "Submit to" You can add Routing Logic to this Submit Action if you only want to send to if, for example, the user chooses  "credit card" instead of "check" on a "Payment Type" field you have added to your form. Click here to learn more about offering multiple payment options!



Testing Authorize.Net  

You can run test payments using our integration’s “Test Mode” which requires sandbox credentials.



Error Handling

You can choose to "Allow Submission If Integration Fails" to ensure you still receive all submitted data even if the integration failed. With this box checked, ALL submissions will be added to the database whether or not their payment was successful. This could be problematic if you only want to send Confirmation Emails to those who have successfully paid or only want to receive Notification Emails for those who have paid.


There is also a box to include an email address if the integration fails (recommended). This email will be sent by and will include details for why the submission failed. If you add multiple email address to this field, make sure you put them each on a separate line (no commas).



1. Can I Change the Endpoint to (Insert Random Authorize.Net Reseller Here)?

A: Not at this time.


2. What method are you using to integrate with Authorize.Net?

A: We're using the Advanced Integration Method (AIM).


3. offers eCheck processing - Can I use the Formstack integration to process payments via electronic check?

A: Not at this time.


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