CSS - Form formatting

...set the form's width

.fsBody .fsForm {width:800px;}

...remove nearly all margins / padding

.fsForm  { margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; }

.fsForm .fsCell {padding:2px;}

.fsSectionRow + .fsFieldRow .fsCell {padding-top:0;}

.fsFieldRow { padding-bottom:0px; }

.fsRowTop, .fsRowBottom, .fsRowOpen, .fsRowClose { display: none; }

.fsSectionRow .fsRowBody { padding:0; }


...reduce space at top and bottom of the form

.fsForm .fsSectionHeading { line-height: 5px; }

.fsRowTop, .fsRowBottom, .fsRowOpen, .fsRowClose { display: none; }


.fsPagination {margin-top:0;}

...remove top margin

body#fsLocal {margin-top:0;}

...change the spacing between form rows

.fsFieldRow  { padding-bottom:18px; }

...make the form background transparent

.fsBody .fsForm { background-color: transparent; }

...removes gray background from section headings

.fsBody .fsForm .fsSectionHeader {background-color: transparent;}

...remove box shadow around form

.fsboxshadow .fsBody .fsForm {box-shadow:none !important;}

...rounds the corners on the form

.fsBody .fsForm {border-radius:5px;}

...remove form border

.fsBody .fsForm { border: none !important; }
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