Adding a Logo to Your Form

With Formstack, it is easy to add an image to brand your forms. In this article, we will review the two ways you can add a logo to your form to give your form the style it needs.

Description Field Option

 You can add an image or logo directly to the top of your form through the Description field. The benefit of adding a logo to the Description field is that the logo will appear when embedding the form via the Javascript embed method.

To add an image to a Description field, click on the "mountain" icon when editing the field and select the image you'd like to upload. Place the Description field towards the top of the form and you'll have a logo!


Theme Option

You can also style your form with default themes and custom themes by editing the header. Please note that header images do not display when embedding forms into websites using the javascript embed code method. 

To add a Header via the Theme, click "Style" in the upper left corner of the builder, hover your mouse to the active theme and click on "Edit". Then go to Advanced Styles > General and click on "Upload Image" beside Form Header to add a header to your form.

From here, click on "choose a file" to find an image on your computer or drag and drop a file in to the dotted lined square. You can then resize the image or change the alignment of the image on the form. If you want to remove the image, you can click the red "x" icon.

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