Date/Time Field Calculations

Now available is the ability create calculations using Date/Time fields. This is useful if needing to calculate such things as the number of days between two dates entered into your form or someone's age using just their birthdate.


To get started, add a Number or Short Answer field to your form and the fields you'll be using to create your calculation. Number and Short Answer fields can be found in the Basic Fields section of the builder, while Date/Time fields are found in the Advanced Fields section:



Next, click the Number (or Short Answer) field, go to the field options along the left of the page, scroll down to the Default Value box, and click Use Date Calculation. ‚ÄčThis will convert the area into the date calculation builder. There are three different dropdowns that will appear: Value 1, Value 2, and 'Expected result in'.



The first two dropdowns will be set to either be the current date or a Date/Time field added to the form. The third dropdown determines what value the result will be calculated as: days, months, or years.




Calculating Age

To calculate someone's age using only their birthdate, set one Date/Time field to collect that date and set that field to be Value 2. Set Value 1 to be the current date and finally set the expected result to be in years.





Calculating Time Between Dates

If you need to calculate the number of days between two dates entered into the form (for example checking into and out of a hotel), this can be done by adding two Date/Time fields to the form and setting them to be Value 1 and Value 2.




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