How to Upload and Insert an Image into a Formstack Form

To insert an image into your form, you will need to add a Section or Description Area Field to your form and then click on the Insert Image button (which looks like a picture of mountains).




This will bring up the Insert image dialog box.  Click on the Upload button on this box to upload your own image.


Drag an image to drop into the window or Click on the "Browse" button to choose an image from your hard drive to upload to Formstack. Then click on the "Insert" button.


If you want to use an image you've already uploaded to Formstack, click on the "Choose" button at the top of the dialog box to select from previously uploaded images.



Your image will now show up in your Section or description area field.


Uploading Images for Future Use


 To quickly upload an image for later use on a form go to My Account > Uploads then click on Choose Files and pick an image you would like to upload. Then click "Upload". These images will be available in your image list when you click on the "Tree" icon.


 These images are stored on Formstack's servers. To delete images from your list go to My Account > Uploads then hover over the image. It will turn black and a delete button will appear. Click "Delete" and you're finished!


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