Allowing Users to Save & Resume Forms

The Save & Resume feature allows end-users to save a partially completed form and come back at a later date/time to complete and submit.

Note: When using Save & Resume files uploaded to the form by the end users and signatures executed by the end-user will NOT be saved to the form until the form is submitted to the database. Users should not upload files or sign the forms until they are ready to submit.

Event fields do not retain the quantity value while the submission is saved.  This is so that your inventory is not locked for 30 days in the case that the submitter does not return or chooses not to complete the submission.


To add a page break to your form, add a "Section" field to the form and check off the "Start New Page" option.  This will insert a new page on the form, and any fields listed under this section will be listed on the next page.



Turning Save & Resume On/Off

You can turn this feature on/off by going into the Form > Builder > Form Extras (scroll down on the right side) > Save and Resume.  In this window, toggle the "Save & Resume" option. You may also toggle the "Progress Indicator" option if you would like to show users where they are in the process of completing the form.




With this feature enabled, the end user will be able to save their partially-completed form by capturing the unique form URL. They may also choose to have this link emailed to them. When they are ready to revisit the form, they will simply click or paste the unique form URL into a browser, and the form will reload with any fields that had already been filled in. If they make any changes to the form, they will want to re-save and resend the form URL to themselves.


The link for saving a form can be found at the bottom of the live form. 


The user will have 30 days to return and finish filling out the form, after which time their data will be lost. This timer is reset every time the user re-saves the form. Once a Save and Resume link is made to finish the form and then click 'Submit', then the link will no longer be active.



Save & Resume on forms with Data Encryption


If Data Encryption is enabled on your form you can still utilize the Save & Resume feature, however, your submitters will have to set up a password when creating their link. They will have to remember this password in order to get back into their form to complete it and there is no way to recover or reset this password once they have chosen it. Forgetting or losing the password will require submitters to start the submission over from the beginning.




Save & Resume FAQs:


1. If someone loses the link to their partially completed form, can Formstack resend this to them? 

A: At this time we do not have the ability to resend the links of partially completed forms.


2. Can I view forms that have not been submitted or check the status of these forms?

A: No, the partially completed forms and data are not visible until the form has been submitted to the database.


3. Do I need to save and send myself the link each time I work on the form?

A: Yes, if you fill out the form more, be sure you save and send yourself the updated URL link to the partially completed form, as this new link will contain the most recent changes.


4. If my form is embedded, will the Save & Resume link redirect them back to the embedded form? 

A: At this time the Save & Resume function must send returning Users to a Formstack-hosted link where they can access their previously filled in form data.


5. Can I change the Sender's Email or Name on my save and resume link?

A: No, Currently we do not provide a feature that will allow you to change the name or email address of the sender. This information is pulled from the account.


If the Form Creator is James Gold, the save and resume link will state that the email is from James Gold.


6. Can I customize my save and resume link?

 A: No, links are not customizable.

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