Submit Actions

You can add submit actions to your forms that will display the default message, display a custom message, or redirect to an external URL. You'll find these options by going to Settings > Emails & Actions


Submission Message


Default Message

This is the default "Thank You" message that your customer will receive when he or she fills out your form. If you prefer to add a little flare to your "Thank You" message try out our Custom Message option!

Custom "Thank You" Message


With a Custom "Thank You" Message you can choose the message and even add a .gif to say "Thanks" or provide more information to your client.



If you'd like to make the message more personal, you can drag and drop field variables from the Form Field Panels. Once the form is submitted the tag will be replaced with the information placed in that field.

Redirect to an External URL

If you want your end users to be directed to your website home page upon submitting. With this feature you can add a submit action to redirect to an external URL and then add your site link.

Note: We do not allow the transfer of sensitive data like credit card data through the External URL. While the HTTPS connection means that even the URL is encrypted once the data transfer starts, the DNS lookup (which would include the URL) is not. Additionally, if people are filling out this form on shared computers, their credit card number and security code are available in the browser history. Please use the Formstack API instead.

Note:  You can only have one redirect or message action that will execute per form submission, so once you've redirected the user to another URL, any subsequent redirects will not work, and no messages will be displayed to the user.  Similarly, if you have a custom message displayed to the user, the user can't be redirected afterward.  However, you can run any behind-the-scenes actions, such as sending payments to Authorize.Net or adding data to programs such as SalesForce or Highrise.

Send Data to an External URL (WebHook)

Webhooks allow you to get real-time HTTP POST notifications when a Formstack form is submitted. Push submitted data to other services or custom scripts. Click on Advance Settings > Add Webhook.


Send Data to a 3rd Party

In Advance Settings > Add Integration you can set redirects to integrations and one is set up automatically when an integration is added to your form and sends data to the 3rd party service selected. You won't need to set this kind of submit action up manually.

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