Formstack Go FAQs

How do I get access to Formstack Go?

A: The app can be downloaded via the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore. Just search for "Formstack Go" and click the download button.  Formstack Go is a paid add-on feature to your Account; to review pricing or add this to your Account, please contact our Sales Team!


Can I collect submissions offline?

A: Using our Formstack Go app you are able to capture submissions without needing an internet connection. While you're offline your submissions will be stored on your mobile device, and then resync with your Formstack account once the device has established an internet connection again.


Do all payment processor integrations work while offline?

Unfortunately at this time payment processor integrations are not supported on Formstack Go while offline. 


I put my form into Kiosk mode and forgot my PIN to exit out of it.

A: Complete exit out of the Formstack app. You can then log back into the app and click on the gear in the top right-hand corner to go to your settings. You'll be able to see the PIN you have set for your account, and change it if you need to.


I added new forms to my account but they're not showing up in-app.

A: Try exiting out of your app completely and then logging back in. Your forms should appear when they resync. Also, your forms may not be marked to appear in your Dashboard. In your Dashboard on the app, click on the forms plus button in the bottom right. You'll see all the forms you have access to in Formstack. Select next to the forms you want to see in-app.


My submissions that I collected on the Formstack Go app aren't appearing on my submissions table.

A: Your form may not have established a connection to the internet yet. Try disconnecting to the internet and reconnecting. You can manually push the form to sync by click on the sync button on the specific form you're collecting submissions on.  


My integrations and emails aren't sending after my mobile form was submitted.

A: If you collected the submissions offline the emails and integrations will not send until the device that you've collected the submissions on is reconnected to the internet.  


I logged into the Formstack Go app and I don't see any forms.

A: You'll want to add forms to your Dashboard by click on the form plus button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You'll see all the forms you have access to in Formstack. Select next to the forms you want to see in-app.


Are there any storage limits on how much data I can store in the app offline?

A: The amount of data that you can store on the app is based on the amount of storage space you have on your mobile device. Once you resync your device back to your Formstack account, your submissions will be removed from your app and free up that space.


Can I upload multiple photos into a new form?

A: Yes. You're able to upload multiple photos on your selecting multiple photos in your photo library.


Can I submit Workflow Forms with Formstack Go?

A: Yes! Workflow forms are available within Formstack Go. 

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