Common Workflow Errors

The following are common Workflow Errors encountered by Formstack customers and how you can resolve them. If you have any additional questions after reading the article below, do not hesitate to reach out to support!

Workflows are not enabled on this account.

Workflows are not currently active on your account. If you previously had this feature, it is possible that the account owner decided not to continue with Workflows, or you were on a trial of the feature. If you are interested in adding Workflows to your account, please submit a case for our Sales Team to get this feature enabled for you.

This workflow does not accept new submissions.

The reason your workflow cannot yet accept new submissions is that it is not yet fully published. Workflow forms can only accept submissions after they're published. This is so that edits cannot be made once the workflows are in-progress.

Cannot identify specified user.

In order for a Workflow to function properly, for any steps after Step 1 (not including Step 1) a user must be a user on the account in order for Step 2 to be assigned to that user.

A valid e-mail address is required to assign the Workflow to a new user.

If you are using a dynamic field on your form rather than a static email address, make sure the email address is in a proper format and that the user exists in Formstack if the Workflow Step is after the initial step. 

Workflow step not found. If you believe the step exists, please ensure you are the assigned user.

This error suggests the user logged in is not the user assigned to the current step. If logged in as yourself, you'll need to make sure you're logged in as the assigned user before attempting to complete this step. 

My workflow participant are getting the error 'This account has reached its limit for new submissions. On *date* you can return to fill out this form. Please reach out to *form creator email* if you have questions!' when they try to fill out the form.

If you're seeing that error, it means you've maxed out the number of Participant Users who can participant in a workflow form during the month. You can upgrade to a higher Participant User pack by going to the Users and Groups tab and selecting, "Purchase additional user." or you can wait to complete the form during the next calendar month.

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