Why am I getting this reCAPTCHA error?: The security code does not match

Typically this error will manifest due to conflicts in the host site.  There are few issues attributing to this error which we have included below along with the corrective action:


1. The host site is utilizing the Advanced HTML Embed method from the form. If the Form is using Advanced HTML, it may not be utilizing Formstack's Javascript which holds the necessary reCaptcha logic. To correct this, you will need to include the Javascript included in the form for reCAPTCHA logic to operate and avoid these errors upon submission. This means using the Form HTML code found under Advanced section within the Share tab after unchecking the Remove JavaScript checkbox.



2. Embedded sites with full HTML Form-embeds were experiencing issues with the code complying with the embed site.  This issue has since been resolved as of 2/25, however, you will need to re-embed the form in your host site to pick up those updates.


3. If you are including multiple forms on the same embedded page and not including any of the Formstack Javascript, you will encounter these errors.  To fix this, you will either want to limit the number of embedded forms on a single page to one, or ensure you are always including the Formstack Javascript as mentioned in #1.


Once these actions have been performed, you should be able to re-enable the reCAPTCHA options using your site domain and submit the form without error.  If you continue to experience errors or issues along the way, please contact our Support Team for additional troubleshooting.

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