Encryption Password Reset

Encryption is the highest level of data protection we offer. Once your data is encrypted, we cannot access the data/submissions nor do we have the ability to view or change your encryption password. To learn more about Data Encryption, please see our supplemental Help Article. It is imperative that you memorize or store the Encryption password in a safe place. These passwords are not saved by Formstack.

If you or another user knows the current encryption password, you can change the password by going to Settings > Security > Advanced Settings, clicking 'Edit Password', then entering the current password along with setting the new password. If you'd like to remove encryption entirely, you can click 'Delete Password' to enter the current password before removing encryption.

Unfortunately, if you cannot remember your password or the password is not working properly, the only option is to clear encryption from the form entirely, which will simultaneously delete all submissions from that particular form. You will be able to use the form again, however we will not be able to retrieve your submissions data, which will be irrevocably lost. 

If you need to clear Data Encryption on your form, you can do so by logging into Formstack as an Admin user, going to Settings > Security, clicking 'Forgot Encryption Password?'. On the window that appears, check each box to acknowledge that you understand your submissions will be deleted and that no other users know the current password, then type 'delete' into the text field. Once you click 'Clear Encryption' the reset will process, deleting your submissions and allowing full access to the submissions table for your form once again. 




  • Encryption passwords can be set by any user on the account that has Admin permissions for the form or overall account Admins.
  • If the option to clear encryption isn't present, it's likely due to your user not having Admin permissions.
  • When a Form is created by being copied from another Form, the copied version will inherit the original Form's encryption password.  
  • If you cannot remember your password, you may want to try passwords you use frequently or reach out to other users on the account to see if they know the current password.
  • If there are a large number of submissions on the form when clearing encryption, the process may take several minutes to complete. 
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