What is the difference between a Trial and a Free Account?

Currently, we offer our potential customers two different ways to effectively try our products. We offer a free account and trial. Below is a breakdown of each plan.

Trial: Is provided to potential customers for 14 days based on a chosen platform. The available platforms are Starter, Teams, and Pro. The difference between the plans is the number of forms allowed, the number of submissions you can store in the Formstack database, the number of user accounts, number of style templates, and amount of storage space you get for file uploads.  For details on the pricing for each plan and the features they include, check out our pricing page.

Free: The free account is offered to all customers.  Below are examples of reasons why customers can be converted to free accounts:

   •    Trialer decides they do not want to convert to a paid account

   •    Account is past due on payments for more than 7 days and downgraded to free

   •    Temporarily pause billing while still retaining access to data already collected within account.


Free plans include the following features:

   •    3 forms

   •    10 fields/form

   •    No collectible submissions

   •    0 MB storage

   •    0 style templates

   •    1 user

   •    no integrations

   •    no security features

None of your forms or data will be deleted when you downgrade to free, but you will have limited access to account features until you upgrade to a paid plan again.

Note: For Accounts on our Trial or Free plans, Notification and Confirmation Emails are deactivated. If this is a feature you'd like access to while on a trial, please contact Formstack Support via our Support Portal.

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