Not receiving Notification Emails (things to check)

If you're having trouble receiving notification emails from your forms, this could be happening for a variety of reasons. Here are the items you'll want to check to help ensure email delivery.


Spam folder - Please first check the spam folder of your email account to see if you've been receiving Formstack emails to that box. If so, you can add Formstack to your list of allowed senders.

Check recipients - Check to ensure each recipient email is correct in the settings of your notification email. You can find the notification settings for your form in Settings > Emails & Actions.

Check sender - Try setting the FROM address on the notification email to You can format it like this: "Someone's Name" <>

This will display in their email client as: Someone's Name via

Whitelist Formstack - Check with your IT staff or Email Administrator and have them whitelist our email domain "", so the emails don't get accidentally blocked by filtering that may be in place. We provide this domain for whitelisting instead of specific server IP addresses due to the possibility that those IP addresses would be subject to constant potential change.

If you're sending email via your own email server using our SMTP integration, you'll want to validate the credentials you're using are still correct. You can find these settings from the My Account > SMTP Settings page in your account. There's a great testing tool you can utilize from this settings page. Our team is also able to check our email logs for any return messages we have around your SMTP messages.

If you're still having difficulties receiving email from Formstack, there's likely an issue with either the address, your domain, or our sender has placed a restriction/block somewhere that we'll need to investigate further. Please create a support ticket, and our team will be happy to look into this for you!

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