Why won't my Integration Settings page load?

If you're trying to access your integration settings page and you see the above error this typically means that the number of fields or objects you're trying to load from the 3rd party service is too high and our system is timing out before it can load them all. This can occur more often with our Salesforce integration when a large number of objects (or objects with a high number of fields) are trying to load.

While we don't limit the number of objects or fields our integrations can load, our system does have limitations and cannot support a high volume of objects and fields. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, we cannot provide an exact number of supported objects or fields.

Here are a few ways to resolve this issue if you ever encounter it:

1) Reduce the number of fields pulled in by the 3rd party service (Look for any unnecessary fields you can remove), then remove and re-add the integration to your form.

2) Split the form into two forms to reduce the number of fields per integration

3) Try the comparable Zapier integration to see if that works better

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