We would like to hide the Submit button, how is this done?

The Submit Button is included on all Formstack Forms by default. There is not an option to remove the Submit Button; however, you can choose to hide it on the Form if you'd like, making the "Form" an informational web page/landing page rather than a page that requires/expects action. To do this, you will need to add some CSS code to a Custom Theme. Don't worry, it's easy!

 First, you'll need a Custom Theme to work with. You can create or edit a Custom Theme inside the Form Builder.

Inside the Form Builder, go to the Theme tab at the bottom of the editor toolbox. If you already have a Custom Theme applied, you can choose to "Save as new" via the link directly under the Theme name to create a new version of your Custom Theme that would only be applied to that specific form or just click to "Advanced Code Editor" to edit the current Theme. **Note: If you choose to edit the current Theme, these changes will affect all forms that have that Theme applied.

If you don't have a Custom Theme applied, you will only see an "Edit this Theme" button under the Theme name. Click to edit the Theme, change the name and save it, and then choose "Advanced Code Editor" at the bottom of that screen.

Once the CSS editor displays, you'll just need to paste in this CSS code:

.fsSubmit input.fsSubmitButton {display:none;}






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