FAQ: Adding an 'Accept Terms' field to a Form

If you are needing to have a submitter agree to terms while submitting a Formstack form, this can be done quickly and easily with a Checkbox field. First, drag and drop a Checkbox field into the portion of the form you'd like them to agree, typically at the end of the form or immediately after a Description Area field containing listed terms.  



Once added, remove all of the options from the field but one, set it to be required, and also click the box to hide the label. Lastly, set the remaining option to have a label with the text 'I agree to these terms' (or something similar to meet your preferences and needs).



With these settings, your submitters will have to check the box agreeing to your terms in order to proceed with the form and complete their submission.


Collecting Signature and Initials

 If needing to collect a signature and/or having a submitter initial along with or in place of checking a box saying they agree, you can do so with our Signature and Short Answer fields. The Signature field can be found in the Advanced Fields section of the builder while the Short Answer field is under Basic Fields.



Once added, make sure that the 'Required' checkbox is chosen for each and submitters will then be required to sign and initial before submitting the form.


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