What is an Integration?

Integrations are third-party programs that can be added to your Form to automate the data collection process. This includes Email Marketings, Customer Relationship Management tools, Google Drive, Payment Processors, and more. Some of our most popular integrations include Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Stripe. 

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Integrations can be added on a form by form basis. To add an integration, go to your form > Settings > Integrations. 

In the Available Integrations section, you can search for the integration you would like. Additionally, you can click on the icon group to view the integrations in a list. The Feature Integrations and Integrations on this Form section can be minimized and maximized to view details on the integrations.

Each integration will require some sort of login credentials to integrate with the form. This might include usernames and passwords, API credentials, or security tokens. This information will need to be retrieved through the 3rd party.

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