Phone Number Fields

Phone Number fields are used to collect phone numbers and validate that the proper format has been used for the phone number.

To add a Phone Number field to your form, click on the Phone Number field in the Form Builder Tools and drag it over to your form.



Accepting Phone Numbers from Different Countries

 You can set the phone number field to accept phone numbers from specific countries. We have most countries in the country list. If you want to allow phone number from multiple countries, choose "None" as your phone number format. With all but "None" we check the formatting for the number and if it is not correct it will give an error to your users.

If you plan to accept Phone Numbers from multiple Countries, we recommend using a short answer field instead of a phone number field to avoid any auto-formatting that may invalidate phone numbers from certain countries.



This is what a phone number field looks like on a form.



Validating Phone Numbers 

The Format option will allow you to force the Field to format according to the following options:

  1. National: The same format as if you were dialing a number in-country (e.g., 800-555-5555)
  2. International: For example, +1 800 555 5555
  3. User Specified: This option essentially includes no formatting at all.  The Form User can simply enter any formatting (e.g., 800555-5555) and the field will accept the input as-is.






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