Address Fields

Address Fields let you collect all the parts of an address (street, city, state, zip, etc.) in a single field.  They also validate that the user has used a correct address format.  To add an Address field to your form, click the Address Field in the Form Builder Tools and drag it over to your form.

The available address formats are U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and Other.

Tip: The second line of the address field is optional even when the field is set as a required field.


Allowing Users from any country fill out the address field

If you would like to allow people from multiple countries to fill out your address field, you must choose "Other" as your address format. If you choose to show the Country List, you need to choose Other as your address format.



Here's what a U.S. address field will look like on your form.


Note: If none of the available address field formats work for you, you can build your own address field using short answer and select list fields.

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