Event Field Seat Management

The Event Field allows you to manage the number of tickets available in the Submissions of a form. If someone submits a form and accidentally selects too many tickets to an event, it is now possible to correct the data and the number of available tickets will be reflected on the form.  In this example, the Event field will start with 20 tickets available.


Then, the form is submitted with five tickets being selected on the form.

 The five tickets that were submitted on the form will be subtracted from the total ticket count and this is reflected in the form builder.


If you find out that there was a mistake in the number of tickets the user meant to select, you can edit the number of tickets submitted in the submissions of the form and the correction will be reflected on Build page of the form.

 After changing the number of tickets selected from five to two, the new total number of tickets remaining is displayed for the Event field in the form builder.


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