Delay Integrations Until Payment is Completed

When using an Off-Form payment processor such as PayPal Standard, users will be redirected to those sites to complete the payment process.  Once the user submits the Form, we cannot force them to complete the payment, however, you can omit and delay your integrations from running if the payment fails or returns as incomplete.

You can also delay your other third-party integrations from running until payment has been completed.  For example, if you do not want to add a user to your mailing list or CRM until the payment is successful.

Note: The option to only send Notification & Confirmation Emails and run 3rd party integrations when payment is made is not available on all payment processors.  This feature is only available when using payment processors that redirect the end user to the payment site upon submission. 

To set this up, go into your Form > Settings > click on your Payment integration.  Scroll to the Email Options heading and check the box to "Only run 3rd party integrations when payment is made."  Once this has been enabled the third-party integrations set up on your form will only be triggered after payment is complete.


Delaying Notification & Confirmation Emails

In addition to delaying your Integrations from running until payment has processed, you can also choose to delay the Notification emails that go to you and your team as well as the Confirmation email that goes to the submitter until the payment has been made.  Once these options are enabled, no emails when be sent unless the payment is successful; if the payment fails, then no messages will be sent out.



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